Bed Bug Infestation Prevention

Getting rid of bed bugs can be costly and nerve wrecking. The best you can do is to prevent them from ever creeping into your home. Here are practical ways to prevent bed bug infestation.

How to detect an infestation
Bed bugs can occur at any room in the house not just the bedroom. Living room, bathrooms and laundry rooms are common spots for bed bugs. Watch out for signs of dark reddish or brownish spots or stains especially on your sheets, furniture or mattress. They are usually present in very small corners and cracks and because they are very small, can easily go unnoticed.

If you really suspect that there could be bed bugs in your home but you can’t see any even after close inspection, invite a pest control service in Raleigh to investigate the area. If any bed bugs are found, it’s important to take action immediately and eliminate them. The bed bugs will move to a different place when disturbed so if you don’t eliminate them immediately, they will spread a become a bigger problem.

How to prevent bed bugs
When it comes to bed bugs, every home is vulnerable. They do not distinguish between clean and dirt spaces. They can feed on blood of people, animals like cats and dogs. They usually search for exposed skin and once they feed on your blood, for say 2 to 3 minutes, they go back to their hiding space.

If you travel often, make sure your suitcase is clean before bringing it into the home. Hotels are known to have bed bugs and it’s easy to carry them straight to your bedroom if they happen to find a way into your backpack or suitcase.

Controlling an infestation
If your home is affected by bed bugs, then you’ll need to take measures to control them. Call a because they will come with specialty equipment and use effective treatments to get rid of the bed bugs completely.

And no you don’t need to get rid of all your furniture and beddings in order for the bed bugs to go away. This is only necessary in severe bed bug infestations. As long as your home is always kept relatively clean and you are always keeping an eye for any unwanted guests, you are probably never going to have to get rid of your furniture because of bed bugs.