Termites – How to Prevent Them

If you suspect there are termites in your home, act fast and efficiently or the issue will soon go out of control. These nasty little nightmares can ruin your home’s foundation and cause more damage than you ever imagined possible. We will give you some simple tips to put an end to this problem.

Look out for signs of termite infestation

Termites thrive on woodwork so that should be the first place you start looking for serious warning signs. Walk to your basement and use a flashlight to inspect the darker areas looking for areas with weakened wood. Termite droppings near weakened wood are also a clear sign of infestation.

Use cardboard to trap termites

Termites feed on cardboard so take a piece and place it near an area that you suspect is infested. Wet the cardboard slightly and then wait until the termites start feeding on it. When they attack the cardboard, pick it up and throw it away far from your home or just burn it down completely.

Sunlight exposure can kill termites

If you notice that the termites have infested a particular item in your home like furniture, take it outside when there’s lots of sunshine. This sunlight exposure will get rid of the termites. Keep the item outside for up to 3 days and use another treatment method to get rid of the termites completely.

Use boric acid

Boric acid can kill lots of household insects including termites. You can pour the acid in a corner in your garden or apply a coat on wood. Boric acid can be bought online or in any of the retail stores in Raleigh.

Avoid using mulch

Hungry termites can feast on mulch because it provides an adequate supply of water and food. Try and avoid using mulch in your garden and if you have to use it, place it far away from your home. You shouldn’t stock wood scraps in your yard because termites breed on them too.

Seal cracks in your home

Termites can find their way into your home via cracks and holes in the foundation. You need to seal these entry points immediately and also ensure that the home is properly ventilated. Making sure there is proper airflow in your home will help to keep termites away.  Periodic home inspection to identify termite damage can also help to detect the termites early before they multiply and become harder to terminate.

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